Bringing a 1976 Rolls Royce Silver Shade back to life

Rejuvenates old as well as new engines!

This client contacted us as his stunning Silver Shadow was running a bit noisy and a under performing. A carbon cleaning service was provided and the engine was purring like a kitten with regained performance impressing the owner. Job done and all without the cost for replacement parts or expensive labour!

Preventative servicing for an Audi A4 2,0T

Carbon Cleaning prevention servicing to look after your vehicle

With VAG engines being renowned for their carbon build-up issues this client books his A4 in for a carbon cleaning service every 15,000 miles – a wise man!

Maintaining a Supercar

Works on all petrol and diesel engines!

The owner of the lovely Lamborghini Murcielago had our carbon cleaning service as a preventative measure – With the high mechanical maintenance and servicing costs for such a vehicle he’s a wise man!

Preventative servicing on a Mercedes 320 CDI

Carbon Cleaning prevention servicing for fuel economy

This Mercedes lives on the motorway, usually ticking along at low RPMS which is a haven for carbon build up on a diesel engine. The client keeps an eye on fuel consumption and when it starts to drop he knows it’s time for the next carbon clean!



Η λιγότερο δαπανηρή επιλογή, χωρίς την ανάγκη για την αποσυναρμολόγηση των εξαρτημάτων με λιγότερο χρόνο συντήρησης, μια λύση γρήγορη και οικονομική!

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